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Clouds No. 2 - 14 carat

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The ear studs here are part of a "family" where all designs are called "Clouds"☁️ All these designs started with a piece of paper and a pencil. When my daughter saw me draw them she said "it looks like clouds". I totally agree.

Clouds No. 2 are ear plugs where there is both a right and a left side. They are not 100% the same, but mostly. They are handmade, which is why they are not exactly identical. However, this is not entirely visible to the naked eye. 2x5 white, almost round freshwater pearls hang from each earring. The earpiece is located at the top.

They are sold individually, so if you want a pair, choose one right and one left. The ear studs here are in solid 14 carat gold, but can also be chosen in gold-plated 925 Sterling silver and 925 Sterling silver. The surface has a beautiful silky matt look.

I will now introduce you to my concept

“Most of the jewellery I make is limited edition or a one-off, which sometimes means that only one piece is made, and sometimes a few more.

If I find a truly unique pearl or stone, I will make just that one piece of jewellery.

This is because I have a great love for beautiful and unique stones and pearls, and it allows me to design continuously and in smaller quantities, which is what I love most about jewellery making.”