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Who always takes you by the hand? Giving you a loving push? Or grab you when you're about to fall? Fortunately, I have several in my life, so it was really difficult to decide what this design should be called. I have therefore chosen to call it "Tro" which means "Faith". Faith is so many things and can have so many interpretations and meanings — just like this hand. 

The hand can be selected in 925 Sterling silver or gold plated 925 Sterling silver. On the ring finger I have set a beautiful cz. It can be selected in 7 different colors - Amber, Blue, Green, Pink, White, Champagne or Turquoise. It is sold both as a necklace or pendant alone. The chain itself measures 50cm and is as standard a faceted armored chain (the "fine" one in the pictures).


The "coarse" chain that is also pictured can be purchased separately if you wish, you can find it here:
Loose chains (without pendants) – Libope EN

REMEMBER to write what color the stone should be in the comments section.


I will now introduce you to my concept

“Most of the jewellery I make is limited edition or a one-off, which sometimes means that only one piece is made, and sometimes a few more.

If I find a truly unique pearl or stone, I will make just that one piece of jewellery.

This is because I have a great love for beautiful and unique stones and pearls, and it allows me to design continuously and in smaller quantities, which is what I love most about jewellery making.”