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The earring is sold individually. If you wish to buy a pair, choose 2 in number 🀍

I have chosen to call this earring "Quinze", which in French means "15". This is of course because this year marks 15 years since I started in the jewelery industry.

The earring can be chosen in 925 sterling silver and gold-plated 925 sterling silver. I have chosen to make it in 2 different variants. A pink model, where I have included a 5mm pink zircon and a 3mm orange zircon. The second variant is kept in the greenish shades with a 5mm synthetic tourmaline and a 3mm synthetic peridot.
Although the earring seems large and bulky, it is incredibly light and comfortable to wear in the ear. The total length of the ear stud is approx. 4.5 cm.

I will now introduce you to my concept

β€œMost of the jewellery I make is limited edition or a one-off, which sometimes means that only one piece is made, and sometimes a few more.

If I find a truly unique pearl or stone, I will make just that one piece of jewellery.

This is because I have a great love for beautiful and unique stones and pearls, and it allows me to design continuously and in smaller quantities, which is what I love most about jewellery making.”